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We here at A Cranberry Weekend love to give and we love when others are inspired to help us so we can give even more. Take a moment to check out our giving opportunities below.

 Cranberry Community Care™ Boxes

Our “Honor Our Veterans Box” was created to honor our military veterans with PTSD. If you purchase this box we will donate one box to a PTSD Veteran or a PTSD Veteran’s family.


Honor Our Veterans Box

Items included:

1-Honor Our Veterans Box
1-Honor Our Veterans Frame (4x6) with Poem
1-Honor Our Veterans Glass Mug with Poem
1-Honor Our Veterans Coffee Cup
1-Note Card
1-Yogi Kava Stress Tea Bag
1-Small Box of Chocolate Kisses 

     R.A.K.E™ (Random Acts of Kindness Every Day)

    Our R.A.K.E. Bracelet or Box is our way of putting kindness in the world. If you purchase this box and wear this bracelet you will help us with our mission to change the world by reminding people to do something kind for someone every day. We will also take the proceeds and do a random act of kindness for someone in need. We are sowing and reaping love every day.  

    Buy a R.A.K.E Box and Help Us reach some of our goals to:

    • Pay someone’s rent
    • Give a box of food to the needy
    • Buy a book for a college student
    • Buy a child a toy, coat, shoes, etc.
    • Pay for a child’s school lunch plan

     R.A.K.E™ Box

    Items Included:

    1-R.A.K.E Box 
    1-R.A.K.E Bracelet
    2-Rake Coffee Mugs
    1-Rake Frame (4x6) with Poem
    1-Note Card

    1-Small Box of Chocolate Kisses

     Please share your R.A.K.E. stories with us at

    Our “Give Love Box” was created to give love to our women in service that have high stress jobs. We want to celebrate our firefighters, EMT’s, Emergency Room Staff, School Teachers, Waitresses and Police Officers to name a few. We are looking for females that give exceptional service every day without complaining but never get the “Thank You” they deserve. We are looking for the females who love their jobs even with the high level of stress they endure every day. Women you deserve “Our Thank You for Your Service.”

    If you purchase this box we will donate one box to a deserving woman of service in our community. We hope that you will recognize a deserving female in your community too. Together we can give more love to this world.

    Give Love Box

    Items Included:

    1-Give Love Box
    2-Give Love Coffee Mugs
    1-Give Love Frame (4x6) with Poem
    1-Give Love Candle
    1-Grateful Candle
    2-Candle holders
    1-Note Card
    1-Small Box of Chocolate Kisses 

       Our “Happy Heart Box” was created to give A Happy Heart to people that are stressed because they need to have surgery. Understanding from personal experience the stress associated with surgery, we would like to give them A Happy Heart before surgery.

       If you purchase this box we will locate and donate to a deserving person in our community that is stressed about surgery. We hope to give them A Happy Heart and relieve some of their stress. We hope you will do the same. Together we can get more people to have less stress and to have more Happy Hearts in this world.


      Happy Heart™ Box

      Items Included:

      1-Happy Heart Box
      2-Happy Heart Coffee Mugs
      1-Happy Heart Frame (4x6) with Poem
      1-Happy Heart Candle
      1-Grateful Candle
      2-Candle Holders
      1-Note Card
      1-Small Box of Chocolate Kisses