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 We here at A Cranberry Weekend love to create, inspire, celebrate and encourage people with our poetry products. We create original poetry and original gift ideas to speak to your spirit. Take a moment to check out some of our poetry excerpts below.

 Poetry Excerpts


Everyone thinks I’m a superwoman

Because I can break up a fight between kids

While cooking our dinner

And I still have strength to put them to bed

And make each one feel like a winner

 Women Empowering Women

Women possess a power that’s given from above

And with that power, comes the power to love

Women love hard and women love deep

But our power to love each other, we must keep

Women empowering women

Is something we must teach

So that one day the whole world we will reach

Remember Me

Always remember who I am

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

For I am like no other

Do you remember Who I Am?

I Am Love

But you always called me Mother!


Did you know that you are a Hero?

Because in the eyes of a child

You are who they want to grow up to be

So be the best father you can

Because sometimes a father is the only Hero they will see

 Father’s Day

How do you find the words to say?

What it means to celebrate a father

 For just one day

He is a leader, teacher and best friend

He is strict when he has to be

But he will be there till the very end

 Honor Our Veterans

How do we thank the men and women

That fought for us every day?

The courage it took

To let nothing stand in their way

They fought battles to defend our country

And stood strong in the face of adversity

How do we appreciate them

For giving a life of service?


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Copyright ©2019 Tina T. Williams. All rights reserved.

A Cranberry Weekend, LLC

We are always being inspired so stay tuned for new poems and new products in the future.